Axis-y Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack 100ml



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  • With a base of 61% Mugwort extract, this wash off pack clears the pores of impurities, soothes inflamed and irritated skin, and gently exfoliates dead skin to reveal a bright and healthy complexion.
  • 6 base ingredients
  • Adzuki Beans – Gently removes dead skin cells
  • Lotus – Regenerates and controls sebum, helps to remove free radicals that encourage skin aging, making dull skin clear and bright
  • Kelp – Revitalises and nourishes rough and irritated skin, keeping it clear
  • Artichoke – Prevent skin aging through antioxidant properties
  • Mung Bean – Moisturises and brightens the skin, improves texture, and strengthens the skin barrier to help the skin regenerate its elasticity
  • Heartleaf – Increases promotion and regeneration of skin cells
  • 1 core ingredient
  • Mugwort (61%)
  • Protects the skin from harmful oxygen, or vitalises it from damage, and soothes and cleanses the skin
  • 1 effective technology
  • Dermatic AC 3
  • Acne improvement and immunity enhancement cosmetic composition that contains cedar and Lotus leaf complex fermentation extract as an active ingredient

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