Muhi Anti-itch Drops 40ml



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  • Liquid Muhibaby is for children It is a liquid type anti-itch that has both quick effect and gentleness to the skin, developed according to the nature of your skin and the characteristics of itching
  • Effective against insect bites
  • Children’s skin has weaker resistance than adults, and reacts more sensitively to insect bites and minor stimuli, causing itching
  • wake up
  • Liquid Muhibaby is a 2% anti-itch ingredient (diphenhydramine hydrochloride) and has a high penetrating power that is unique to liquids, and it stops itching quickly and firmly
  • The formula is non-irritating and doesn’t irritate the skin, so it can be used by children with sensitive skin
  • Weak acidity that is gentle on the skin

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